Eco Stone Trim & Set Backsplashes

The Avora Eco-Stone backsplashes can help builders bottom line for one key reason : LABOR ! The average tiling job with grimy grout lines takes 3 days in a kitchen . With Avora Eco-Stone backsplashes a trim & set system which lets you finish 5 kitchens in one day instead of 1 in 3 days. Avora Eco-Stone backsplashes quality lets you not sacrifice quality product for speed & efficiency.


Installed Backsplashes  


Available Colors :  

                     Acorn                                        Calcutta Brown 

Acrorn & Calcutta Brown Backsplashes

                     Beach                                         Driftwood

Backsplashes Beach & Driftwood Color

                     Calcutta                                      Statuary Gray 

Calcutta & Gray Statuary Backsplashes            

                     Frio                                             Statuary Platinum

Frio & Statuary Gray Backsplashes

                    Obsidian                                      Calcutta Black

Obsidan & Calcutta Backsplashes

                   Sandcastle                                   Beach

Sandcastle & Beach Backsplashes