Is walk in tubs covered by medicare ?

  • Medicare                

                          I hear this question countless times a week from potential customers across USA. In reality, Medicare offers assistance for DME ( Durable Medical Equipment ) like wheelchairs and such. Walk in tubs, walk in showers, transfer tubs and tubcuts are not considered durable medical equipment. 

  • Medicaid 

                           As a recommendation I would look for funding through your state Medicaid program. Some states like Ohio and Colorado have programs that assist seniors get walk in tubs. Since it is determined on a state by state, you should call local state office.

  • Veteran Affairs

                           The Veteran Affair ( VA ) has 2 programs meant to help veterans live in a accessible environment. The ( HISA ) Home Improvements Structural Alterations grant helps veterans live in a safer environment. 

If you have a service related disability you can receive up to $6700.00 towards your home. 

If you have a non-service connected discability you can receive up to $2800.00 towards your home.

Based on our experience with the VA across the USA we see they approved accessible showers more than walk in tubs. Every VA hospital does things different , kind a like the Medicaid system .

Steps towards getting approved by the VA :  

  1.  Get a VA doctor prescription for a walk in tub or walk in shower. 
  2. Fill out the HISA form  ( Click Here for Form ) 
  3. Take some before pictures 
  4. Get quotes from 3 different vendors like Safestep walk in tubs, American Standard , Ellas Bubbles or Avora Bath